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What is Cryptshare?

Cryptshare is a solution from Befine Solutions for secure business to business encrypted file transfer, which is simple and fast.

The software means you no longer need to consider expensive or unsecure methods of transferring files. No user administration is required, no client software is needed and storage will be cleaned up automatically.

Stay in control using Cryptshare
Since Cryptshare is part of your IT infrastructure and all participants communicate directly with your Cryptshare system, you’re in control of all file transfers and the policies used to administer these.
Cryptshare can be combined with an Anti-Virus or malware scanner for extra protection, making it even safer.
The user interface that your team see can be customized with your company branding using a simple configurator so you can easily integrate Cryptshare into your web site or intranet making it widely available.
With policy settings you can define who can use the system and in which way. For example you can allow all of your employees to be able to send to the world or only to certain recipients. It is up to you and your policies.

Cryptshare files in 4 easy steps:

Key Features: