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News Archive » November, 2011

Acquisition of major HDD operations but shortage continues

The European commission has given the go ahead for the acquisition of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies HDD operations By Western Digital Corporation. This comes after the approval for the Seagate Technology acquisition of Samsung Electronics HDD operations. The acquisitions mean the major, global providers of HDD will reduce to just 3: Seagate Technology Western Digital…

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HP creates optimised data analysis software from acquisitions

HP recently acquired the software companies Autonomy and Vertica and has integrated their software packages into one called HP Next Generation Information Platform. The platform will enable its user to search and analyse both structured and unstructured data. Vetrica Analytics Platform provides a data storage and analysis solution, whilst Autonomy can index un-structured data, including…

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Microsoft builds kinetic device for Window PCs

Kinect is a motion and voice technology initially designed as a feature add –on for the Xbox. This feature enables individuals to control games using body movement and like the popular Nintendo WII console, which works on the same principle. The Kinect device has been altered for ‘near mode,’ where individuals can now sit in-front…

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New chip developed to mimic the human brain

A chip has been developed, which makers claim, can mimic the physical changes that occur in the brain as it learns. Developers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) claim the chip has ‘plasticity’, a term used to describe how the brain adapts to new information and takes on new roles. This process is involved…

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Can Apps make public data more readily available?

Since Apple coined the marketing phrase ‘There’s an App for that’, consumers have expected the ability to log onto the Apple store and purchase apps from a seemingly, never ending range of genres. The government have recognised this and have recently awarded prizes to eight groups of University students, who had developed apps which utilised…

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‘Block 25’ – South Korea Takes Steps to Control Spam

Spam, put simply, is the process of sending unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. Spam is often sent from hijacked computers, which the email out messages to their address book, spreading the spam from what appears to be a trusted source. Spam creates security and storage issues, with many companies forced to take extra steps to avoid this…

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