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News Archive » February, 2012

You can now get a piece of Raspberry Pi

A computer the size of a credit card has gone on general sale. The Raspberry Pi is designed to help teach school children computing code, in a bid to reignite enthusiasm in computer science. The Raspberry Pi is currently on sale for £22 but a cheaper version will be available later in the year. It…

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Arkeia Network back-up v9.1 up-grade has been released

Back-up to the cloud Back-up sets can now be replicated in deduplicated form to both private and public cloud storage, offering a cost-effective alternative to tape for off-site storage. Other key features: Block Optimization: Block optimization consolidates disk space when backup sets expire and when duplicate blocks are identified Web Dashboard: A new dashboard in…

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An answer to app privacy issues

A number of European mobile phone companies have signed up to new privacy guidelines published by the GSMA. The GSMA hope that the new guidelines will help make issues relating to privacy more transparent for individuals. This will mean users will have a better understanding of how their data will be handled in the future.…

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WikiLeaks release Stratfor intelligence emails

WikiLeaks have begun releasing emails stolen from Stratfor Global Intelligence, which state secret information about the US governments attacks against WikiLeaks, as well as Straftfors own attempts to attack WikiLeaks. Stratfor have released a statement condemning the publication of stolen emails, dating from July 2004 to December 2011 which was around the time of the…

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Clock change affects 999 IT infrastructure

IT was announced this week that the ambulance service in London lost 71 emergency calls when the clocks changed back last October. The logged calls disappeared from the CTAK system which is their in house monitoring software. The CTAK system was first installed in the early 90s and was due to be replaced by CommandPoint…

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Cisco challenging Microsoft in court over Skype

Cisco is taking Microsoft to EU court in order to challenge the recent announcement of its take-over of the popular communications service Skype. Cisco wants to ensure that the take-over won’t stop other providers from offering video services. They would like to see open standards similar to those used for mobile phones introduced. Cisco offers…

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