Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Improve cyber security with our latest blog. Cyber security should be one of your main concerns, whether that be in your own time at home, or when in the work setting. Cyber criminals are exactly that – criminals. They are looking for the most profitable crime to commit in the easiest possible way. Like real criminals would choose your house if you left your front door wide open, cybercriminals target organisations with a poor standard of cyber security. Unfortunately, most do not see what an integral consideration this should be in their lives, or the potentially severe ramifications of not having an adequate standard of it.

In this blog series we will take a closer look at cyber security, why it is important in business, some measures to put in place to protect your business, and highlight who is responsible for cyber security in your organisation.

Let’s take a look at how to improve cyber security and what trends to look out for.
Why is cyber security important for businesses?
Cyber security is important in business for a variety of reasons. Let’s explore some now.
• Protection
I’m sure you already know this one: good levels of cyber security will protect you, your employees’, and your clients’ data from theft by cyber criminals that want to sell it on the black market or use it for themselves, usually for financial gain.
• Compliance
Stemming from the protection point above, it should be stressed that, if you fail to protect customer data to the required standard, you could also fall short of GDPR regulations. This can mean severe legal ramifications in the form of a fine or perhaps even a prison sentence, depending on the circumstances.
• Reputation
All the points stem from one another. Without adequate protection you could fall foul to a cyber-attack - in-turn, this means that you could not be compliant - and once your existing/ potential clients get wind of this they will likely take their business elsewhere to ensure their data’s safety.
Cyber security is at the forefront of concern in most businesses, and if it isn’t in yours then changes should be made. Without adequate cyber security, a cyber-attack could stop your business trading altogether (depending on its severity).
Now let’s take a look at three of the most popular forms of cyber-attack today.

Popular forms of cyber-attack
Ransomware is a type of malware that does not allow you access to your systems or data. The hackers only allow access once a fee is paid.
Cyber criminals that use Ransomware enforce a sense of urgency into their targets, often presenting a time limit alongside a link from the fake trusted source, ‘Your account has been accessed from an unauthorised device, click here in the next 5 minutes to verify your identity and avoid cancellation of your account’. The worry of the potential ramifications if you don’t click – and the inclusion of the perceived trusted email address / logos - can be enough for some to make a split-second decision to click. Then the ransomware attack is complete.

One of the most common types of cyber-attack experienced by businesses is Phishing; the process by which cybercriminals attempt to gather your private information using fraudulent emails and websites. Phishing emails / websites lure unknowing users into sharing their credentials and personal data without the cybercriminal ever needing access to your system.

Vishing breaches are almost the same as Phishing breaches. Both use deception as their method to extract the necessary information from the user, but there is one key difference - Vishing is performed using VoIP phone systems as opposed to malicious emails and links like Phishing breaches.

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