So what is ‘The Cloud’ and why should you use it?

So what is ‘The Cloud’ and why should you use it?

Why use cloud computing?

‘The Cloud’ and ‘Cloud computing’ are phrases that are probably on your radar. In fact, you may already be using The Cloud in some capacity at work or in your day-to-day life, sometimes without even realising it. But what is ‘The Cloud’ exactly, and what are the benefits of using Cloud Computing when your employees are working out of office?
Cloud Computing is the term used for a range of computer services delivered via the Internet, otherwise known as ‘The Cloud’. Before cloud computing, companies had to rely on managing their own physical hardware and software maintained in an office, The Cloud offers a modern, sleeker alternative – and it is transforming the way modern business takes place.
Without Cloud Computing, you might expect all your employees to work on-site, and conduct most, if not all, of their business on company property and devices. Cloud Computing lets your staff work from home and work remotely, so they have access to the system wherever they are in the world.
But some companies are hesitant about using Cloud Computing. Is it safe? Is it right for your business? What is the return on investment? These are some of the typical questions companies face when considering Cloud Computing. The answers to these questions will of course be different on a case-to-case basis, but Cloud Computing offers something for everybody. Here’s an overview of what Cloud Computing can offer your company.

Security & Data Protection

When you're considering why you should use cloud computing, Using The Cloud within your business to improve security may sound counter-intuitive. After all, all your company and client’s data is sitting on the internet just waiting to be stolen… right? Actually, it is quite the opposite.
Cloud Computing is one of the safest ways of protecting your business from the ever-growing threats of cyber criminals. This comes down to data encryption, a process which makes it much harder for cyber criminals to intercept and steal your data.
No one likes to consider the possibility that someone in your company could be responsible for a security breach, whether accidental or intentional. Cloud Computing considers this possibility on your behalf. There are measures to manage how employees access certain data – minimising the risk of an internal security breach, and helping you tighten up your company’s security.
Cloud Computing also has another huge advantage over keeping data on physical hardware. Disaster recovery and loss prevention.
If your company’s valuable data is being held on a physical computer or device, it is at risk. Many things could happen that could bring your business to a complete standstill. Your device could break or become corrupted. Your office could lose power. The device might get misplaced or stolen. In any of these cases, your company could lose valuable data – and what would that mean for your business? It could be a disaster.
Cloud Computing helps prevent data loss. Cloud systems regularly back up all your data, so if something happens to your device or office, you’ll be able to access your data remotely and on another device.
With Cloud Computing, you can relax and focus on your work knowing that your business is considerably safer online. BCNS works hard to keep businesses safe from online threats and data loss – so consider BCNS for your cloud computing.


The Cloud isn’t just safe and secure – it is efficient. Here’s how.
Firstly, Cloud Computing has various pricing options that allow you to reduce expenditure in certain areas. It’s pay as you go, so you can pick and choose which features you have access to, and how much storage you’re paying for. And it’s worth considering that if your staff can work on any device, anywhere in the world, you may no longer need to pay for that office space. However, there’s often an initial cost to setting up Cloud Computing across your business – but with the many benefits of being on The Cloud, you could see a return on investment if you use it optimally.
Secondly, the Cloud offers a huge amount of flexibility and mobility within your company. Your staff are now able to work on any device, from anywhere. This means that your staff can work from home, from the office, or anywhere with internet access. This has many implications for your business. Cloud Computing allows you to have staff from anywhere in the country… or the world. Further, consider that Cloud Computing means your employees can stay connected to your company’s systems when they’re with a client. What would this mean for employee and client satisfaction?
Thirdly, Cloud Computing facilitates more collaboration and provides a level of quality control. With documents being uploaded, edited and shared in real-time, your employees can work more efficiently together without having to transfer lots of files via email. And with everyone having 24/7 access to your systems, Cloud Computing provides better consistency and a clear record of employee activity even if they’re working from home.
So, if you’d like to get more out of your business, BCNS can set your company up with affordable and effective Cloud Computing. We project manage the whole process for you, making it as streamlined as possible.


Cloud Computing offers opportunity for your company. Whether your company already uses Cloud Computing to some degree or not, it certainly offers many benefits, and with the landscape of business evolving each day, Cloud Computing is a sure way of keeping your company modern and relevant - and it could give your company an edge over your competition.

Get ahead of the curve. Get Cloud Computing.

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