How A.I and Automation can help your small business – The benefits of A.I to small businesses

How A.I and Automation can help your small business – The benefits of A.I to small businesses

In the previous blog we explored A.I and Machine Learning, whether it’s a threat to your business, and the challenges that come with it. In the following blog we will explore some of the benefits it will offer to your small business.

The benefits of A.I to small businesses
Accurate decision making
As the amount of data that the average business obtains increases, Machine Learning capabilities increase right alongside it. This has led to decisions being made digitally instead of them remaining as manual ones. A.I allows you to trust your technology to always do what’s best for the business – and with minimal to no errors (something which cannot be guaranteed with your human team).

Improved recruitment process
The average small business won’t have a HR department at all, and the bulk of human resource tasks can be overwhelming and time consuming for business owners. This task can be put on the shoulders of A.I and Machine Learning. HR is one of the particular sectors of a business that are reaping the benefits of A.I, as it has helped reduce repetitive tasks, speed up operations, and lessen manual work. With the help of technologies (such as A.I-enabled applicant tracking systems) you can develop job searches, browse through resumes, and harvest the right range of top candidates quickly and easily. You can even conduct an ‘initial interview’ without any human involvement – allowing you to spend your time only on candidates with a chance of being right for the role! This all ensures an unbiased, objective selection process based around equal opportunity.

Interaction whilst mobile
A.I is built into the hardware of modern smartphones in Microchips. The very high-performing processors will give end-users real-time abilities like improved speech recognition and translation, in turn helping your business become competitive and accessible globally. Make sure that your business is visible to the growing trends available in the emerging market.

Customer Service
As we all know, the customer experience is an integral part of every business in the world, be it a small local company or a multinational corporation. A.I and Machine Learning are anticipated to revolutionise customer support in the coming years. With the help of A.I powered software and sentient analysis technology, responding to customer concerns effectively will be significantly easier and more effective. Also – with A.I and Machine Learning – the handling of complaints and queries can be carried out as effectively is possible, due to them being mostly script-driven. Incorporated into these are software for live chat (chatbot technology), which will help give quick and accurate answers as well as build greater engagement with your target market.

A key concern of all businesses in the modern age should be cyber security. Remember that A.I and Machine Learning will also be used by the cyber criminals. With the right A.I and Machine Learning fraud can be detected, as A.I and Machine Learning learn over time, software and apps can self-adjust and learn from the current situation – allowing it to act accordingly to defend your systems. With the correct implementation of A.I and Machine Learning your small business can feel safer, A.I can identify vulnerabilities in your business network defences and Machine Learning can interpret the complexity of the information and algorithms – in the process, ensuring that better defence strategies are implemented in the future. Better security is good for all - you can make a guarantee to your customers that their data is safe whilst boosting the levels of trust they have in your organisation.

Automating Candidate Recruitment
A.I makes it possible to automate candidate recruitment. A.I can track applicants, screen CVs, and schedule job interviews without any human input. Using this data, you can leverage data to match job requirements to an applicant’s knowledge, skillset, and experience. A.I can help you save money and time throughout the entire process, making hiring and recruitment much more effective. A.I can guarantee that you only use your valuable time speaking to and investing resources in the very best of candidates for your small business.

The purpose of A.I and Machine Learning is to improve and strengthen your already established methods of success with technology. Across every industry there will be the need for changes, both big and small. One of your team may, unfortunately, be scheduled to be replaced by A.I and Machine Learning due to cost, or it could simply be that technology is the better solution for productivity and effective use of the short work day – but this should be seen as an opportunity for the team member to re-tool and re-equip themselves for the new modern age of work, one dominated by a heavy technological presence. A.I and Machine Learning aren’t common practice in small to medium businesses just yet, but it is time to learn and adapt to the new way that things will be done going forward.

A.I technology is continuously reshaping the way we view small businesses and the processes, techniques, and strategies that make them successful. Businesses in the modern world are always looking to A.I to accelerate repetitive tasks, minimise human error, and ultimately increase accuracy and in turn the efficiency of the organisation. The success that has already been achieved – even if it is to a lower scale than what will be expected in the coming years – leads us to be confident that A.I is here to stay. To be sure that you are not left behind the competition, small business owners should make serious considerations regarding the implementation of the ever-growing phenomena that is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Business made easy
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