How A.I and Automation can help your small business

How A.I and Automation can help your small business

The modern world we live in revolves around technology. Almost everything we do is influenced somewhere along the line by it – and that reliance will only grow as we go farther into the future. One of the most revolutionary advances in technology we have seen in modern times is Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and Automation as it allows you to place even more reliance on technology. Let’s explore A.I and Automation and see how it can help your small business.

A.I and Machine Learning
A.I is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. Some specific applications of A.I include expert systems, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition and machine vision.

Machine Learning is a form of A.I that allows your system to learn and improve from experience without being programmed explicitly to perform that task. A.I focuses on computer systems that try to replicate skills that humans can do, whereas Machine Learning processes data, recognising patterns in order to develop algorithms. In other words, A.I and Machine Learning are progressive and will continue to advance.

A good example of this progression is Text-to-speech apps, which use A.I and Machine Learning in order to enable hands-free use, a boost in writing speed, increased mobility, improved tone of voice. Content creators all over the world are turning to text-to-speech apps in order to speed up – and improve – their writing. And this is just one of the many ways that A.I is transforming our world.

Is A.I and Machine Learning a Threat or a Benefit?
Understandably, many business owners are apprehensive about placing so much faith in technology – and, for businesses of all sizes alike, it is no lie that A.I and Machine Learning will make a big impact on the way your team work, how your organisation deals with customers and the customer experience, and how your business relates to others that you associate with. But for all these changes, with A.I capabilities your organisation will be able to perform tasks faster and to a much higher standard – along with Machine Learning. This will allow you to continue improving the quality and accuracy of your results. Two of the key benefits of A.I are the ability to be more productive and reduce your costs of manual labour. This being said, every business has practices – or even employee personal habits – that are resistant to change, and these can hinder the real possibilities of A.I.

The traditional workplace revolves around a rule-based environment, with success and failure documented manually by a human analyst – depending on the size of your organisation, this could be a recipe for disaster, as human error sometimes causes serious problems. Businesses in the modern world need to be precise - practically perfect, in fact. The computing in particular needs to be up to scratch in order to allow for better decision making and the efficiency of work processes. A.I and Machine Learning are the only way to guarantee this.

We are, by no means, telling you to fire your analysts and leave everything to your computer. We are, however, suggesting that a combination of the two is the way to go. A.I will augment their capacity to interpret and process data faster and accurately.

The challenges of A.I
Preparation is key! Your business will need to prepare for A.I integration. What can be a challenge to this is the additional capital investment for the development costs of your technology in order for it to operate with A.I, which can be relatively expensive – especially in the difficult times we are all currently operating in. Over the coming years it is likely that the costs will go down, but currently it can be an expensive business venture (obviously depending on the complexity, size, and customer requirements of your particular organisation).

The technology adoption of your business MUST be done in phases - doing it all at once can be overpowering and extremely difficult to maintain for both you and your team. You would likely not only have to outsource some additional funding (as a ‘one-time’ implementation of A.I could be very expensive) but also expend a lot of company time in educating your staff on how to get the most from the new systems. Training would be needed for every phase of the implementation, therefore making it almost counterproductive if it was all done at once.

Despite some of these challenges, businesses across the globe – especially the larger corporations – are quickly migrating to A.I and Machine Learning enabled systems because of the possibilities for near perfection and dominance of their select industries. A.I will eventually transform every industry around the world and, because of this, it doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO of a large corporation or the owner of a small family run business, incorporation of A.I and Machine Learning is a must in some shape or form if you want to compete with your competition.

In the following blog we will explore the specific benefits of A.I to small businesses.

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