A Checklist for your Cyber Security | Secure your Business

A Checklist for your Cyber Security | Secure your Business

We have already looked at some of the most common threats to your organisation in our previous article and came to the conclusion that, due to the severity – and increased commonality - of these threats in the workplace, cyber security should be at the very top of your business concerns.

In the following article we will create a cyber security checklist for you to use in an attempt to ensure your defences – and team - are well equipped in the eventuality of a cyber attack.

Your Cyber Security Checklist
1. Documented Policies
2. Acceptable use Policy
3. Modern and updated software and tools
4. Frequent employee training
5. An effective data backup procedure.

We see these five steps as the basics of cyber security. Let’s explore them in more detail.

1. Documented Policies

It is important to have written policies that are clear to understand. Your team needs to read, digest, and – integrally - sign them all, because by doing this the quality of security in your organisation will increase from the get-go. The policies should outline the security guidelines of the entire organisation along with your team’s role in the security, to ensure that your team are all working from the same instructions and no one employee can jeopardise everyone’s hard work. Their signature is a guarantee to you that they not only understand their role in the security of the business and intend to behave as instructed, but also that they understand the consequences should they not.

2. Acceptable use policy

Your Acceptable use policy will consist of rules regarding the use of your organisation’s assets or data. With this in place you can be sure that your team uses the tools you have provided them with as securely as possible. Everyone with access to the system MUST read and sign the policy – your users signing is proof that they agree to use the information at their fingertips only as defined in the policy.

3. Modern and up-to-date software and tools

Every business should be using modern software and tools wherever possible to ensure security. Modern software and tools have the latest cyber security measures as standard – of course you will need additional security measures, but the ones they come with are a great platform to start from. By using legacy (outdated) operating systems, you are practically inviting an attack. But modern tech isn’t impenetrable - there are always vulnerabilities – it is because of this fact that you need a patch management programme. You must take advantage of all patches released by vendors, because not only do they improve the software, app, or programme they are made for, but they also bolster its security capabilities too.

4. Employee education

You must include employee education in your cyber security checklist. By training your employees you can be confident that your team know how to navigate and communicate with your system in the most secure way possible. Once they are competent, they will even be able to spot and – crucially – report any issues they come across, so knowing what they are looking for will be a massive advantage to your business. Part of this education should include lessons on how to secure their emails, cloud accounts, personal devices, and information systems.

5. An effective data backup policy

However, regardless of the extensive security measures you implement in your organisation, there is no guarantee that you will be safe from attack. You must be prepared for the worst-case scenario – the best way to do this is with a disaster recovery plan; various parts of your business will have a different series of actions to take in the event of an attack. Developing these disaster recovery policies will put you in good stead to not just containing an attack but also enable you to recover quickly afterwards.
Use this checklist! But don’t use it rigidly - adapt it to the way you wish to run your business – no two businesses are the same. It allows you to feel better about the security of your technological landscape – which is half the battle. We know it can be difficult knowing what your organisation needs to be cyber secure, so contact us for expert IT consultancy and see how our experts can help you.

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