Digital Transformations – The Benefits and the Options on the Market

Digital Transformations – The Benefits and the Options on the Market

In the previous article we explored how technology has taken the reins as the lifeblood for businesses all over the world. Advancements in technology have evolved to unbelievable proportions, and this growth will only increase our reliance going forward.
Recent times have forced a steep uphill learning curve for business owners, who have now realised that well managed and implemented technology can revolutionise their workplace and solve some of the challenges that their team face on a daily basis.

This is referred to as a Digital Transformation.

As we briefly covered in the previous article, don’t just go out and spend obscene amounts of money on the latest tech if you have absolutely no knowledge about what your organisation needs. We advise you to follow the steps we outlined in our first article if you want to start your transformation off on the right foot.

The benefits of a successful Digital Transformation

Improved team well-being

Having poor standards of IT can lead to problems – some of which aren’t obvious. Morale can take a serious hit - forcing your team to use IT that simply isn’t capable of doing the job, or worse that can do the job but at a snail’s pace, can cause your team to feel negative about their day before it has begun. You need to provide your team with tools that are straightforward in functionality, that are catered, and ones that can give them a pleasant digital experience that will boost productivity and morale immediately, making for a positive workday and a much happier workforce.

Commercially beneficial

As we said, providing your team with tools that allow them to work efficiently is going to boost morale, leading to them producing more work of a much higher quality. Because, if your business continues producing goods - or delivering services - to a high standard, then this will inevitably result in more business and – the goal for every business owner - more profit. But it isn’t the amount of money you throw at it that determines whether it is going to work or not – it is far more beneficial to find a cost-effective approach. A simple solution may resolve the problem, and if it doesn’t then you haven’t broken the bank to find out. Your business will thrive if you provide your team with the tools that enable them to work efficiently.


Modern technology is designed to be flexible; this allows it to not become dated so rapidly. This flexibility allows you to scale at a moment’s notice. I understand that planning is important in business and when the opportunity to plan comes up take it! But there are certain circumstances when things needs to be done right now. The pandemic proved to us that planning isn’t always possible. Now that things are getting better the choices are endless. Businesses may now choose to have a half remote working team and half in-house – with a modern Cloud based IT solution this flexibility is finally possible, and if you decide to you can change the set up to your whim. Basically, with Cloud computing you pay for what you use and not for what you anticipated you are going to use.

Regulatory compliance

Every industry must comply by some sort of regulation. With a modern technological landscape, you can be confident that you are remaining compliant to your obligations at all times.
Now that you are familiar with Digital Transformations, the benefits that can result, and you know the first steps to completing one successfully, let’s take a look at options on the market today.

The options on the market

A Cloud-based file server

Cloud computing is at the top of the pile when it comes to possible solutions and is the future of IT on the planet. It is massively popular, and therefore the majority of businesses around the world are choosing this as their preferred IT solution. A Cloud-based file server is a virtual server (rather than a physical server) running in a Cloud Computing environment and is perfect if your organisation has specific applications or databases that need hosting.

Cloud-based file sharing system

Cloud-based file sharing is a system in which a user has their own storage space on a server and everything is carried out over the Internet. Despite its many benefits, a lot of business owners find that it can be particularly difficult to use. This is partially due to the fact that it is very hard to implement an ‘information when necessary’ ethos or any security protocols around both yours and your clients’ sensitive data – this makes for a workplace that isn’t as secure as modern business owners would like. This reduced level of security can allow the wrong people to have access to sensitive information - in turn potentially jeopardising the safety of your entire technological landscape.

On-site file server with a VPN / Remote Desktop Connection

Either are viable options. They both allow for anonymous information transactions, but the problem is that the majority of teams - especially the older generation - are usually not as technically able. Some less technically able users find it clunky and very difficult to understand. Another reason that some may avoid it is that it will only operate on a constant, reliable internet connection and with constant support for devices. This all needs to be done individually, which can leave your business primed as a ticking time bomb waiting to go off - in the eventuality of a power cut or disaster that forces you to lose internet connection your business will not be able to continue trading.

SharePoint implementation

SharePoint by Microsoft continues to grow in popularity – the millions of users around the world have proven that it can more than hold its own against competitors on the market, and within the Microsoft Suite. For most of us the Microsoft suite of tools are more than just familiar, as many of us grew up with them in school and others have used them for in the workplace for decades – this is the reason that SharePoint is the logical decision for most, as it is perceived by business owners that they and their teams will have a head start on the programme rather than learning from scratch. SharePoint allows your team to access all of the necessary documents from anywhere in the world with an internet connection – it also interconnects with various other tools in the Microsoft Suite. It is this ease, combined with our familiarity with the Microsoft Suite of tools, that allows SharePoint to be implemented, managed, and used with very few problems.

There are many digital solutions on the market available today so explore them and find one that is best for your organisation – if you are struggling please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our expert team.

Value from your tools

BCNS make business easier and more cost-effective by guaranteeing that you and your team are always connected to each other and your clients. We can also guarantee that your team are using the latest version of every application to ensure that your systems are secure and you are getting the best possible benefits from your tech. Our team of experts will assist you throughout the transition and beyond to be sure you achieve exactly what you desire. At the same time we can reduce your expenses and improve your security as well as performance! Contact us now and find out how we can help you with your business communications and move into a more productive future.