Our Approach

We make six commitments to all our clients, so you can be sure of the service you’ll receive from Business Computing and Network Services.

  1. You come first
    By understanding where you are now and what you want to achieve, we can find the best approach for your IT. Then we’ll work with you to deliver it, manage it, and help it grow with your business.
  2. We give you a key contact
    This way, you can be sure you’ll receive continuity of service. Many of our engineers have worked with the same clients for years, so they know their IT systems inside out.
  3. We’ll work whenever and wherever to get the job done
    We know that IT maintenance sometimes has to happen out of hours, so rest assured that we’ll be there when we’re needed.
  4. We know how to make IT clear and straightforward
    We use plain English so that, even if you’re not an IT expert, you’ll understand what we’re doing, and always feel confident and in control.
  5. We’ll help make your system as efficient as possible
    If a new product comes onto the market that could improve your system, we’ll help you understand how you could benefit. Equally, if there’s an area of your business or IT system where you’re vulnerable, we’ll make sure we tell you - and help you find the right answers.
  6. We’ll always offer the best choice
    We’re entirely independent, so we’re under no obligation to sell certain software. We seek products from the entire marketplace, so our recommendations will always be the ones we believe are right for you.