Has Google infringed on BT patents?

BT has filed a law suit against Google for alleged infringements on a number of its patents. BT have said the infringements concern ‘service provision system for communication networks, navigation information system, storage and retrieval of location based information in a distributed network of data storage devices, telecommunications apparatus and method, and communications node for providing network based information services.

Novell release Open Enterprise Server 11

The new release streamlines management of file and print networks, gives you more flexibility and helps lower costs with capabilities such as:

Full support for VMware virtualization
Quick and easy updates and patches
Reduction in power consumption

Novell say they have responded to customers requests for Open Enterprise Server on the latest version of SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server.

YouTube creates educational video service

YouTube have announced the launch of an educational version of the popular video sharing network. The school friendly site will contain educational videos but be free from the usual distractions of music videos or funny viral videos.

The new service allows schools to turn on a network setting that means pupils can only access content from YouTube EDU - the site's section for education videos.

Microsoft builds kinetic device for Window PCs

Kinect is a motion and voice technology initially designed as a feature add –on for the Xbox. This feature enables individuals to control games using body movement and like the popular Nintendo WII console, which works on the same principle.

The Kinect device has been altered for ‘near mode,’ where individuals can now sit in-front of a computer screen rather than stand in-front of a telly.