Ads that alter with the weather

You may have heard in the news this week that Google has filed for a patent which will mean the adverts, which appear when people use its search engine, will alter depending on the weather.

Source: BBC News

Potentially your mobile phone could be fitted with sensors that would allow the device to record data such as temperature, humidity, light, and air composition, with adverts appearing dependent on these factors.

Windows 8 set for October release

Microsoft will be making its Windows 8 operating system available to consumers in October of this year.

Source: Bloomberg

The initial rollout will include devices running Intel Corp. (INTC) and ARM Holdings Plc (ARM) chips. The operating system will run on tablets and PCs creating a consistency across Windows devices.

Dell announces intention to acquire Sonic Wall

It was announced today that Dell is intending to acquire Sonic Wall, in a bid to expand its security solutions capabilities.

Source: Business wire

Sonic Wall is a provider of security solutions to businesses, globally and is a technology partner of BCNS.

“We are building a strategic software portfolio to address the needs of our customers with key assets in the fast-growing and highly profitable IT security solutions business.

Western Digital completes acquisition

Western Digital is in the final stages of acquiring Hitachi’s hard-drive sector. WD and HGST will operate under separate subsidiaries and compete in the market place.  

Flooding, which hit Thailand in late last year halting production at WD manufacturing plants continues to affect the sales of hard-drives, however the market is beginning recover.

Phone manufacturers partner with VMware Hypervisor

Phone manufacturers Motorola are now building VMWare’s hypervisor into their phones. The facility is already available from LG and Samsung for business users and other phone manufacturers are set to provide the integration soon.

VMware's mobile hypervisor works on Android phones and lets users switch between a personal part of their phone and a business side, that's protected from potentially malicious applications.