Get More from Remote Working with VoIP – The Benefits of Cloud-Hosted Phone Systems

With big changes to UK telephony already well underway, businesses are under pressure to explore alternatives to ISDN. One of the simplest, most convenient and most cost-effective options available in this regard, is a cloud-hosted VoIP phone system.

So what is cloud-hosted VoIP, what are some of the key benefits, and how can it help your business work more productively, both in the office and remotely? This article aims to provide a brief overview of this empowering communication solution, to help you choose the right option for your business as you navigate the upcoming ISDN switch off.

Windows 11: 6 Big Changes and Features You Should Know About

Released in 2021, Windows 11 marks the latest evolutionary stage of Microsoft’s illustrious Windows operating system. With its OS development experience stretching all the way back to 1985, Windows 11 builds on a wealth of expertise, and promises to be the most intuitive, capable and feature-rich version of Windows to date.

The End for Windows 10 – Is Your Business Prepared?

Boasting around 70% of global market share, Windows 10 is the world’s most popular operating system by a long way. Launched in 2015, the OS built on successful elements of Windows 8, while adding a new browser in the form of Microsoft Edge, and a virtual assistant in the form of Cortana.

Overwhelmed by apps? Streamline your tools with Microsoft Teams

Since its release in 2017 and especially after Covid-19 circulated across the world, the Microsoft Teams platform has proven to be a game-changer in the way that businesses communicate and collaborate productively. With its highly scalable, flexible and customisable features, businesses of any size can benefit greatly from the powerful suite of tools that are embedded into the Teams interface, creating a more streamlined and simple working experience.

Inspiring Productivity: How AI Enables Efficiency in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has fundamentally transformed the way businesses operate by providing a wide range of powerful tools and applications. Due to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, users can now finish more work faster with Microsoft 365.

 In this post, we'll look at how artificial intelligence improves productivity in Microsoft 365 and learn about the various solutions available to businesses to help them streamline operations.