Now available: Datto business continuity solutions

Datto’s superb range of business continuity solutions are now available from BCNS.

Seamlessly blending on-premise and secure cloud backups, Datto offers flexible options for businesses, schools and colleges of all sizes.

More than just a backup, Datto’s systems are designed to ensure that data can be recovered swiftly and precisely – so if the worst should happen, you can quickly carry on as normal.

New compact Infortrend storage device, with 2.5″ media

Infortrend has launched a new addition to its versatile and popular EonStor range of storage devices.

The EonStor DS 1024B is targeted squarely at smaller and medium businesses, yet boasts many impressive and forward-thinking features.

Firstly, it operates on 2.5” media, optimised for speedy SSD – so it’s compact and energy efficient, which means reduced operating costs.

Heartbleed. The headlines have stopped, but the implications haven’t

It’s now a month since Heartbleed hit the headlines in April 2014, reported as one of the biggest bugs the internet has ever seen.
As lists emerged of which websites may have been affected, internet users were advised to change their passwords, and warned that their data may already have been compromised without their knowledge.

Storage which self-sorts data for maximium efficiency

The EonStor DS3000 data storage range from Infortrend now boasts two new efficiency features, sure to appeal to smaller businesses and enterprises alike.
Firstly, there’s intelligent storage tiering.

The DS3000 devices can learn what data is most important to your organisation, and store it on the unit’s high-performance fast drives – SSD or SAS. This means you can access the data quickly and frequently, and the drive won’t degrade over time.

New ‘hybrid cloud’ server and storage for small businesses

A new server and storage solution from WD is giving small businesses an opportunity to enjoy a perfect balance of secure on-premise storage and cloud services.

The WD Sentinel DS6100 is a small business server, ideally suited for up to 25 users. It’s built for Windows, and runs Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials – ready to deploy thousands of Windows applications.