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Ads that alter with the weather


You may have heard in the news this week that Google has filed for a patent which will mean the adverts, which appear when people use its search engine, will alter depending on the weather.

Source: BBC News

Potentially your mobile phone could be fitted with sensors that would allow the device to record data such as temperature, humidity, light, and air composition, with adverts appearing dependent on these factors.

Futuristic advertising

This could be the first step in a futuristic style approach to targeted advertising. Potentially, your phone could track your coordinates and show adverts relating to your current environment or position. Imagine walking past a shop, gazing at your phone and noticing a promotional advert relating to that same shop. As you walk on the ads jump to relate to the next shop, resturant or cinema that you happen to be near.

How will consumers respond? 

Some, will welcome this glimpse into the future of targeted advertising to consumers however, it could also raise consumer’s resilience to advertising messages. This would occur when individuals dealing with a constant barrage of targeted advertising messages no longer pay attention to any, in an effort to cope with the constant onslaught of advertising communication.

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