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With Eaton, we’ve got the PowerAdvantage

No matter how good your IT system, the one thing you cannot be without is power.  What would happen if there was a sudden interruption to your power supply?  Unless you have a power backup system in place, you could be faced with disrupted operations, unhappy customers, and even damaged hardware.

Eaton provides some of the most respected and energy-efficient computer power backup systems on the market – so we’re delighted BCNS has been appointed as an Eaton PowerAdvantage Partner.

Eaton PowerAdvantageWe’re able to advise across Eaton’s comprehensive product range, which includes:

  • battery backups (also known as uninterruptible power supplies, or UPS) for networks, servers, PCs and data centres;
  • power distribution units, efficiently distributing power from a UPS to your hardware;
  • surge suppressors, to protect hardware from damage in case of a power surge;
  • power management software; to monitor and manage power usage and help improve efficiency;
  • specialist UPS systems for marine and offshore situations.

We can also supply and install Eaton systems, and offer ongoing support to clients as required.  What’s more, Eaton PowerAdvantage partners have access to a library of educational resources, helping us to ensure our technical knowledge about IT power backup systems is always up to date.

To find out more about how an Eaton power backup can give you peace of mind and keep your system running seamlessly, talk to our technical experts today on 01752 547150.