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Infortrend’s ESVA solutions compatible with VMware 5.0



With many enterprises now adopting server virtualisation into their data centers it is essential that other components of their IT infrastructure are compatible with their server virtualisation platforms. Fibre Channel (FC)-host systems in the ESVA family, Infortrend’s enterprise product line, are now compatible with VMware vSphere 5.

ESVA systems compatible with VMware vSphere 5 include the ESVA F60 and F70. The ESVA F60 and F70 feature eight 8Gb/s FC host ports, while the F70 also features four 1GbE iSCSI for hybrid FC/iSCSI connectivity that enables cost-effective remote replication and SAN tiering. In addition, the ESVA systems support SSDs, SAS and nearline drives, and offer advanced features such as scale-out, automated storage tiering and comprehensive data protection.

BCNS are pleased to provide our customers with fully compatible VMware and Infortrend solutions. You can learn more about VMware vSphere 5 and Infortrend’s ESVA family by following these links. For more information about purchasing please contact BCNS directly.