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‘Consumerization’ of IT a cost to time and security?

With the ever increasing popularity of personal devices, such as smart phones and iPads workers nationwide are coming to expect the ability to connect to corporate networks.

IT managers suddenly find themselves with the unenviable task of managing personal devices, protecting corporate data and intellectual property, and ensuring compliance.

A study conducted by Dimensional Research of 750 front-line IT professionals, managers and executives, found there were concerns about potential network security breaches and unclear policies on data management. The research found that 87 % of their employees use personal devices for work-related purposes ranging from email and calendaring to texting to CRM and ERP. When asked, 64 % reported they are not confident they know of all non-company owned devices and applications that are connecting to the network.

BCNS realises that this puts an extra strain on IT management departments, reducing the time they have to focus on other system issues and posing a potential threat to the corporate network. BCNS can assist in personal device management, in order to reduce the work load of IT departments and increase network security.

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