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Kaspersky says UK employees unaware of IT security issues

Senior security researcher David Emm at Kaspersky Lab has conducted an online survey of 1300 IT professionals in 11 countries. The aim was to discover they level of comprehension of IT security issues, within organisations. He was surprised to find the ‘low level’ of awareness regarding potential IT security issues amongst employees.

Some employees simply do not realise the dangers or are lured by bogus offers, other times laziness leads to shortcuts being taken, such as not regularly changing passwords. This represents the human element which affects IT security and needs to be properly managed. It is important to develop imaginative approaches that go beyond simply creating a list of dos and don’ts and asking staff to sign a policy document, when they join the company.

In order to effectively manage these issues there needs to be:

  • Clear rules for using IT
  • Regular updates on new IT threats
  • Training workshops for new and existing employees on how to use IT securely

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