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Schools to nurture the next generation of software developers

A Royal Society report last year found that school children found IT lessons ‘boring’, and that fewer children were taking IT at GCSE and A-Level. This trend is continuing, as this year’s A-Level results showed an eighth consecutive year of decline in the number of students taking computing.

This is a potential, future threat to the number of individuals in the U.K. entering software developer careers. To combat this pre-GSCE students will be taught how to write software, in a trial aiming to transform IT education in schools, the government has revealed.

BCNS provide schools, colleges and higher education institutes throughout the Country, with IT solutions and IT support and recognise how valuable this potential change, in the national curriculum could be.

According to the press association, David Willetts, Science Minister said ‘I want to see the ability to create software, to write programmes, that is one of the key functional skills for the 21st century, and young people going through school, college and university should have the opportunity to generate those skills.’

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