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Should you store everything in the cloud?

Cloud Popularity 

The popularity of cloud storage is becoming wide spread as more and more consumers become accustomed to storing files using the facility. You may already use cloud storage facilities such as, Apples cloud storage service or Dropbox. The main benefits of using facilities such as these is the ability to access and share files from any location and back-up your data effectively. Additionally, many of the services are free to use within a data limit.

Weaknesses in the Cloud

However, there are some drawbacks to cloud storage. For example closure of Megaupload, the now defunct file storage and sharing website, left many innocent individuals without their data when it was found the site was involved in widespread copyright infringement.

Individuals are now in the process of going to court to recover their data which is now unavailable, due to the on-going legal issues.

Source: ITNews

Another weakness of cloud storage is that it depends on uninterrupted internet access. Recently the BT backbone experienced issues which left many internet sites out of action for several hours. This has costly implications to businesses relying on a cloud facility.

Finally, due to the nature in which data is stored it could become an easy target to hackers, leaving many organisations private and confidential data highly vulnerable.

Balanced approach 

Whilst the benefits of cloud storage are clear it is important to remember the drawbacks and make allowances for them. A combination of cloud and traditional back-up and storage facilities could be incorporated to ensure maximum protection against data loss.

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