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VMware vSphere 4.1 available

The new VMware vSphere™ 4.1 expands on the industry’s most complete virtualization platform to accelerate your customer’s transformation to cloud computing. This release enables you to generate sales through the new capabilities in vSphere 4.1 that deliver increased efficiency, finer-grain controls and unmatched scalability and performance, along with freedom of choice.

The new vSphere 4.1 delivers higher efficiency, greater agility, and more freedom of choice than ever before, making it easier than ever to optimize existing assets and get always-on IT with comprehensive, cost-effective backup and recovery, resulting in a solution that can help customers achieve rapid, sustainable growth.

Efficiency through Utilization and Automation vSphere 4.1 enables higher consolidation ratios with unequaled performance by providing groundbreaking new memory management technology, and by expanding its storage, networking, and automation capabilities.

  • Memory compression—Improve application performance by up to 30 percent by reducing memory contention.
  • Performance reporting—Deliver key storage performance statistics, regardless of storage protocol.
  • IPv6 and E1000 vNIC—Protect and expand your network with support for Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) and jumbo frames.
  • Easy installation with VMware Go— Simplify and accelerate VMware ESXi™ deployments with scripted installation to local and remote disks.

Agility with Control vSphere 4.1 extends its award-winning availability and security capabilities with the world’s fastest live migrations and the ability to respond in parallel to any business need or change.  Application services enhancements deliver new status details for high availability, tighter integration with an existing directory services, and advanced patching.

  • VMware vMotion™—Speed and scale enhancements to vMotion deliver superior platform response and availability by migrating virtual machines up to five times faster and enabling up to eight vMotion events in parallel.
  • VMware High Availability—Deeper diagnostic and health checks further enhance application availability in virtual machines, with full support for clustered virtual machines utilizing Windows Failover Clustering/Microsoft Cluster Service.
  • VMware Data Recovery—Scale enhancements to protect even more virtual machines, while new support for VSS delivers application-consistent backup and restore for applications in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Active Directory integration—Seamless user authentication for VMware ESX® or ESXi hosts (rather than VMware vCenter™ Server) for centralized user management Easily assign privileges to users or groups, and roll out permission rules across hosts.
  • VMware vCenter Update Manager—New functionality for deployment of third-party patches, pre-flight checklists, and advanced handling of recalled patches.

Freedom of Choice

vSphere 4.1 empowers small and midsize organizations with unprecedented freedom of choice, not only in terms of increased hardware and software support, but also by opening new opportunities to leverage cloud computing.

  • Expanded vSphere HCL—The vSphere 4.1 hardware compatibility list (HCL) expands the platform to support more operating. systems, devices, applications, and service providers than any other virtualization platform, and includes support for third-party serial port concentrators (for enhanced management), as well as the latest multicore x86 processors.
  • vCloud Express—SMBs that adopt vSphere can also leverage the benefits of VMware vCloud™ Express, an Infrastructure-asa- Service (IaaS) offering delivered by leading VMware service provider partners that provides reliable, on-demand, pay-asyou- go infrastructure that is 100 percent compatible with internal vSphere environments and with VMware Virtualized™ services.