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What is Cryptshare?

Cryptshare is a simple and fast solution for secure encrypted file transfer via email.

With Cryptshare you no longer need to use expensive or insecure methods of transferring files (such as sending emails without encryption, or packages via courier).

Cryptshare uses a high level secure 256 bit AES encryption, so that only the rightful recipient of an email can access its contents, using a secure password.


Why encrypt email data?

Although most people use email every day, data sent by email is inherently vulnerable.  It’s all-too easy to accidentally send an email to the wrong recipient.  Emails can also be intercepted, and thus confidential data can fall into the wrong hands.

For organisations which handle sensitive personal data (including schools, health and social services, solicitors and accountants), this can not only be embarrassing, but constitutes a serious breach of the Data Protection Act.

Those in authority can be held personally responsible for such breaches, and the organisation can face a hefty fine which could run to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Commercial organisations could also suffer if they find their customer data has been inadvertently leaked.


Stay in control using Cryptshare

Cryptshare is easy to deploy, requiring no user administration or client software.

Cryptshare can handle files of any size, both emails and their attachments.  It works within the existing email client (Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes), or as a web-based application.

Using Cryptshare means that large files will automatically be reduced in size, enabling easier sending via email and reduced storage space requirements.  This also reduces the risk that users will resort to using insecure public cloud services to share data files.

With policy settings, you can define who can use the system and in which way. For example you can allow all of your employees to be able to send to the world, or only to certain recipients. 

Those who receive emails via your Cryptshare system can also reply to you securely using the system, with no extra set-up or costs involved.

Cryptshare can be combined with an anti-virus or malware filter for extra protection, making it even safer.


How Cryptshare works

Cryptshare is straightforward to use, and integrates with existing mail systems.

Users simply need to enter the contact details of the recipient and prepare the message.

The user creates a secure password, which is transmitted to the recipient separately (eg, via separate email, text, or phone call).

The recipient enters the password to access the contents of the message.

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