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SpamTitanSpamTitan is a highly effective anti-spam solution that will protect your inbox from the potentially serious threats posed by spam.  

It scans for viruses, Trojans, phishing attacks and other malware, identifying and isolating any threats before they reach your systems.

SpamTitan is an ideal solution for small and medium businesses, as it blocks over 99% of spam which dramatically cuts the amount of time you and your colleagues have to spend dealing with unwanted emails.

SpamTitan is available in three packages, SpamTitan ISO, SpamTitan for VMware® and SpamTitan On Demand. These packages include the following SpamTitan features:

SpamTitan also has a SpamTitan Cluster package which will allow you to set up a milti node cluser of SpamTitan anti-spam appliances, which can be managed through a single interface by the administrator, providing centralised reporting and end user digests.

BCNS are official partners with SpamTitan. We use their anti-spam solutions as part of our IT support services, and can advise you on which package will work best for your organisation.

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