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VMWareVMware produces a suite of virtualisation solutions which helps organisations dramatically reduce IT costs, while improving efficiency.



Improved server utilisation

With VMware an IT administrator can create several ‘virtual machines’ inside one server.  This allows the server to run several applications, entirely independently of each other, even if they use different operating systems.

This server consolidation leads to better use of capacity, which reduces the number of servers required.  Maintenance, storage and energy costs are reduced, too.  Some organisations have cut their IT capital and operating expenditure by 50% with VMware virtualisation.


Business continuity and disaster recovery

Virtual machines created with VMware can easily be moved from one server to another.

What’s more, they can be replicated either to another local server or to the cloud.  This means that in the case of hardware failure or maintenance, the virtual machine can simply be moved to another server and brought seamlessly back into service.

Migrations and upgrades can be performed live, virtually eliminating planned downtime.


Network and storage virtualisation

VMware also offers network and storage virtualisation, whereby a virtual network is created in software.  This can be created and controlled with virtual devices; and as with server virtualisation, IT administrators can enjoy easier management, rapid provisioning and non-disruptive deployment.


Desktop virtualisation

Virtual desktops can also be remotely created and provisioned to users, on desktop on mobile devices.  This saves time and resources, particularly for larger and multi-site companies and for those with remote workers.


Key VMware products

vSphere 6.0

This is VMware’s primary virtualisation software tool.  It enables the IT administrator to create and manage not only virtual machines, but a virtual network of cloud, mobile, social and big data applications.

vSphere with Operations Management

For businesses already running vSphere, this is the next step up.  It provides a clear overview of the virtual network’s resources, usage and demand in an easy interface; and it aids troubleshooting and swift resolution of problems.  It helps IT administrators to ensure that each device is utilised efficiently, which can lead to an average 40% increase in capacity utilisation, and thus cost savings.

vRealise Operations Insight (vROI)

This data management tool for virtual networks provides a unified management solution for infrastructure and applications.  With a 360⁰ view of the entire IT environment, it includes predictive analysis so IT administrators can identify potential issues and take preventative action.  vROI combines apps and storage, existing tools and log files, for vSphere and physical hardware.  The intelligent, unified management system monitors performance, capacity issues, configuration and policy-based automation.  It can also automate workflows and remedial actions.  The result is reduced down-time, better planning and budgeting, less time wasted on routine actions, and faster problem solving.


VMware provides a wide range of virtualisation tools.  As a VMware UK partner we can guide you through the choices and advise on the best solution for your organisation. 

Enjoy the cost and time-savings of VMware virtualisation.  Get in touch with us today for help.