Backup and Disaster Recovery

We protect IT

When people normally think of a disaster, they focus on the large events like fires, floods and earthquakes. The reality is that theft or misplaced equipment can be just as disastrous, because your business still suffers a massive data loss. BCNS can give your company the protection it needs from all manner of incidents.

Be prepared for anything. We are able to back up all your systems, and have an off-site backup ready right away. We can also assist your company with disaster recovery planning, data backup and recovery, remote off-site storage, virtualisation of failed servers, and anything else related to backups.

BCNS offers Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions that give you:

  • Constant access - to the files you need, including mission-critical ones, because they are stored on our data backups
  • Performance - with a quick recovery process that ensures no delays in getting back to business
  • Protection - data is always secure and compliant with all regulations, since we are looking after it 24/7

Sometimes it is the smallest incident that can be the most problematic. With Backup and Disaster Recovery from BCNS, you can rest easy knowing that if anything happens, you’re already prepared.