Cloud Services

We’ll help take IT to the cloud

Cloud Services from BCNS make it easier and more cost-effective to protect and manage your data. We provide an affordable way to enjoy the business benefits of a comprehensive it solution, offering hosted services that include, cloud servers, email encryption, email filtering, email archiving, physical and virtual machine backup all thanks to cloud technology. We can even host your entire infrastructure in the cloud, covering all services and remote desktops required to allow you to operate your business.

Our Cloud Services allow you to bypass the setup and licensing expenses normally required to obtain these benefits, and instead enable you to quickly and easily enjoy them without any complications. Quite simply, we’ve made good data protection and management more affordable. What’s more, our Cloud Services use a UK-based datacentre, so you can enjoy the best possible speeds.

With our Cloud Services, you can:

  • Meet the requirements of Data Protection legislation – and protect against the risk of a heavy fine for non-compliance
  • Fulfil your legal archiving requirements - including in relation to email and social media messages
  • Rest assured - that your key business data is protected, should the worst happen

For further information on our Cloud Services for email archiving, email encryption and email spam filtering visit our Safer Email site.

If your organisation is growing and you need to invest in your IT infrastructure, you might find the costs are a bit off-putting. That’s why our Cloud Services are perfect for your needs. You’ll reduce expenses, and improve security and performance. Who doesn’t love that?